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Biden-Harris release their 2019 tax returns


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11 hours ago, Defmix100 said:

I just looked and apparently if you earn over $518,000 you pay 37%, in the UK it's higher where you would pay 45% for anything over £150,000

Yea, but I think you pay 37% and 45% only with the part that goes past $518,000 /£ 150,000.

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Ahead of tonight's presidential debate, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (and spouses) released their 2019 tax returns. The returns show that Biden and his wife, Jill, reported $944,737 in taxabl

He got that done in like a day, and yet Trump needed like 4 years?  Biden just embarrassed tf outta him 

Morphine Prince
10 hours ago, Whispering said:

The same way Bernie and his wife, as millionaires, would have connected with the working class. 

He will connect because he grew up in a working class family. He was also one of the least wealthy in Congress while he served, along with Bernie. I guess it’s cool when Bernie is in that category but not when Joe is.

Both Joe and Bernie have greatly benefited from book sales over the past few years. 

Ummm how did you not detect my post was a joke? 

Bernie is living rent free in your mind and everyone else’s as he was mentioned multiple times in the debate. 


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