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Cardi B gets Rare Beauty from Selena Gomez and sings ‘Rare’


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2 hours ago, Runway said:

She only does it for clout for a collab. Cardi has been supportive  of Gaga, Selena, Rihanna, Beyonce, Rosalia regardless of not having a song with them

I must have missed the nicki minaj azealia banks collab you speak of. 

when you have a permanent nasty connotation for someone in your head you can bend whatever you want however you want. Youre saying that nicki only Supports women for collabs but shes been the go to collab artist for ten plus years now theres not a lot of people she hasnt collaborated with.

jessie ware, natasha, rihanna, kesha, britney, beyonce, doja, megan... keyshia cole, mariah carey, foxy brown

wow so she didnt support a single one of them for any reason besides wanting clout im so glad you know her so personally to be able to testify to that

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8 hours ago, Jed said:

Nicki has been supportive to azealia, doja and megan. She had a specific beef with a specific person and they both happened to be women. 

cardi literally sent men to assault a woman that slept with the husband she is now divorcing for infidelity. Dont let your nicki bias let you see this as some black and white “nicki hates all female rappers while cardis a champion for women”

Nicki has been disrespectful to both her predecessors (Lil Kim and Remy Ma) and her successors (Iggy and Cardi). She might be talented but she’s certainly not a good example in this case lol

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