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Chromatica out now

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I'm so happy with 911


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high heeled fem

SAME - she referenced some of my favorite films

shes not a pop star she’s beyond 

I’m still in shock... this is my favorite gaga video of all time tied with bad Romance. It will go down in history 

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I was so dazzled and confused by my first viewing that I felt happy with the video but shocked by the ending.

Second watch, the halo scene with context hit me hard and I cried. 911 is an outstanding video!

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The thing about Gaga videos is that sometimes they make me feel stupid because I don't get all the symbolism and references in them :selena:

I feel like I'm gonna have to watch it like 100 more times, not that I mind :lolly:

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Now people will know, the peak Lady Gaga before, never left. And the new generation now will know what Lady Gaga is all about. Definitely up there, it's ARTPOP. And actually, this is what defines Chromatica, it's all about her mental pain. Very happy :D 

The first time I watched it, I was already happy knowing that I'm confused. I said to myself, this is old Gaga MV alright ;)

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