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This was an inspiring interview! And to think conspiracy theorists think shes an evil person who drinks babys blood makes me laugh

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Full interview: https://peopletv.com/video/lady-gaga-cynthia-germanotta-how-we-healed-our-relationship/ It's 20 minutes in total.

She really cares about this kindness and mental health stuff so much. She's not being fake when she makes posts about it. I wish some fans wouldn't be rude about it. If you don't like it just be quiet

She looks fabulous, but the bigger takeaway for me is the reminder of how human Gaga is. We already knew about her struggles, but I feel that people often forget and end up treating her like a superhu

the Devil of Pop

I can't believe it :bradley: The link to PeopleTV was working earlier today, but I was at work and couldn't watch it, and now they have removed it :bradley: 

How can I protect something so perfect without evil?
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organic salad


4 hours ago, VasilisVas said:

Statements like these make me confused. When Gaga made her debut in 2008 she constantly said being Gaga is who she is and it’s not all part of an act. What we see in interviews, music, videos, etc. is what she is in real life. Now it seems like all that was a lie. 

People change. She meant it AT THE TIME, but it's been 12 years, the better part of her adult life. 

You're not the same person you were 12 years ago, or were you always this cynical? :heart:

Gaga wanted to be a pop star, but she didn't sign up for mental illness and fibromyalgia, did she??

Being diagnosed with a serious, CHRONIC ILLNESS will change your outlook on life. 

Not to mention, SELF-LOATHING and hopelessness are among the most central symptoms of depression. 

Gaga wrote about fame before she became world famous. She was on the outside looking in. Fame kills! If I die, I die! After all, everybody loved Princess Diana. 

In reality, FAME does not kill (most of the time), but can be a PRISON.

She said sometimes she wasn't feeling well and wanted to go for a walk, but she couldn't because she'd be swarmed by the PAPARAZZI and fans waiting outside.

Maybe she's too sensitive, but she has PTSD and is prone to ANXIETY ATTACKS, remember?  

Not just Gaga either. Taylor walked backwards (downhill!) so the paps couldn't take her picture. Jen Lawrence said she wanted to poison the paparazzi. Katy's not the only celeb with a stalker. 

Some of Gaga's fans put her on a pedestal - FROZEN IN TIME - their very own PLASTIC DOLL. She's not allowed to change or grow up... forever young. 

Walk a mile in her heels! ;)

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1 hour ago, the Devil of Pop said:

I can't believe it :bradley: The link to PeopleTV was working earlier today, but I was at work and couldn't watch it, and now they have removed it :bradley: 

You can watch it here 👇

13 hours ago, HybridAT said:




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"I was protected by the monks of Azarath, I was raised by my friends. They are my family, this is my home and you are not welcome here."
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modern ecstasy

It’s really inspiring how their relationship has grown so much, my parents were raised the same way as Cynthia, so this gives me hope of becoming closer and more open with them someday. I think it’s a generational and cultural thing (at least in mine). But with each generation hopefully we can make mental health more of a priority and remove the stigma of talking about it.

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