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Full interview: https://peopletv.com/video/lady-gaga-cynthia-germanotta-how-we-healed-our-relationship/ It's 20 minutes in total.

She really cares about this kindness and mental health stuff so much. She's not being fake when she makes posts about it. I wish some fans wouldn't be rude about it. If you don't like it just be quiet

She looks fabulous, but the bigger takeaway for me is the reminder of how human Gaga is. We already knew about her struggles, but I feel that people often forget and end up treating her like a superhu

Just now, Rifek said:

Any exciting news from the interview ? :pray:

Well she talks about really serious issues about her life, eating disorder, mental issues and that she didn't want to be Lady Gaga and to make music before Chromatica. 

We need DarkGa with Bops so we can rule the industry again and learn the other popgirls how to snatch 'em wigs to ultimate baldness!!
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She looks similar to how she looked in the Lady is a Tramp video. Her face, voice, teeth, everything about her in this interview reminds me of the way she was back then. :flutter:

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