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New Haus Labs products announced + new Gaga look

19 hours ago, Enzo said:


She's doing on purpose I swear 

No she hasn't. She has a beauty brand to run. Unless you want it to FAIL on the market and have waste millions she invested, then it has to continue building as a brand.

Music is different from the beauty industry - totally separate. Both can run at the same time. It just so happens one can run better during a pandemic than the other, that's all 🤷🏼‍♂️ The beauty brand is run like a company, she's probably not as involved lol

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I’m actually very excited to see how these do! 

I think these are the products that many of us were craving from Haus initially- wide and diverse palette, conduit for extensive creativity, etc. 

Good on them for starting smaller, with foundational products (glosses, eyeshadows). Now, I hope they venture into more creative territory! It definitely looks like such.

3 points in and ready for more


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