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New ARTPOP Info from littlemonsters.com chat (UPDATED)


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this sounds so amazing, cant wait for ARTPOP :excited2:

they arent fake if somebody dont want to believe i was in chat saw every piece of comments...

It won't be.. she said vol.2 is the experimental stuff, it's all new

Lion Heart

I was there I can confirm

As a confirmer, I confirm this confirmation.

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like, each song means something to me whether or not it makes the record cuz i know i will leak it at some point


Kindness rules all.
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She may come back later. She better tbh. She has like 50 songs at this point. (not that much) but its obvious she has a lot. If she really does plan on putting the more commercial ones on the first volume, just imagine. 13 good catchy hits out of like 50 songs. That's like all of Michael Jackson's albums EVER being made over the course of 2 years and and just making an album of the greatest hits of each. and releasing it without the rest.

ARTPOP could really be the best album ever...

ya know?

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Hmmm...this is cool....wondering if that means that each volume will only have like 8 songs

will she release singles from the 1st and then from the 2nd? or just from the 1st? or from the 1st then the 2nd and maybe some more on the 1st?

this is so weird.

Edited by Dex
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I called that ****!

Weren't you the one that had the seemingly crazy idea about the two sided album ?

The ART one and the POP one ?

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I wonder if each volume of ARTPOP will be like a FULL album of like 12 songs or more like 6 songs on each volume and together it will be a full album? :excited2: She was serious when she said she made songs and songs and songs for ARTPOP! :ohwell: AHHHH I can't think about how I would feel about having 2 FULL ARTPOP ALBUMS IN 1 YEAR! :dead: :deadbanana:

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