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Spotify to launch Real-time Lyrics Today


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5 hours ago, thet1234 said:

They should have had this ages ago. They had it with genius but the lyrics quite often would be quite out of sync and only appear sometimes. I turned it off because it just sucked. 

They actually had it ages ago. Must have been around 2013/2014 where they removed it. For a while the screen was still active saying something like “lyrics will be back soon” but never happened - their real-time lyric segment became the musixmatch platform later


edit: I’ve just read the article - they removed it in 2016 and musixmatch was an external source that just parted ways back then

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8 hours ago, Dramatica said:

sometimes random stuff

This is what made me switch back to Apple Music. I hated that so much.

Also the fact that there is only a dark mode. Can't see **** in the sun.

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