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Create the Chromatica Ball setlist


This would be my perfect set list for the tour


1. Stupid Love

2. Born This Way

3. Applause

4. Free Woman

5. Enigma

6. Just Dance

7. LoveGame

8. Alice

9. Alejandro / Paparazzi

10. Telephone

11. Fun Tonight

12. 911

13. G.U.Y.

14. The Edge of Glory

15. Poker Face

16. You and I

17. Million Reasons

18. Shallow

19. Plastic Doll

20. Sour Candy

21. Judas

22. Marry the Night

23. Replay

24. Bad Romance

25. Rain on Me


26. Babylon


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  1. Chromatica I
  2. Alice
  3. Venus
  4. Stupid Love
  5. Poker Face
  6. Enigma
  7. Born This Way
  8. Chromatica II
  9. 911
  10. Paparazzi
  11. Sour Candy
  12. You and I / Speechless / Shallow
  13. Replay
  14. Monster
  15. Judas
  16. Bad Romance
  17. Chromatica III
  18. Sine From Above
  19. 1000 Doves
  20. Black Jesus Amen Fashion / Babylon
  21. Free Woman / Just Dance
  22. The Edge of Glory
  23. Marry the Night
  24. Rain on Me
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Jeroen Bloeming

1. Chromatica 1/Alica

2. Enigma

3. Venus 

4. Free Woman

5. Poker Face (Shortened)

6. Born This Way (JWT version)


7. Sour Candy (Gaga comes on stage when her part begins)

8. Scheiße/Heavy Metal Lover

9. Applause

10. Fun Tonight 


11. Chromatica 2/911

12. Paparazzi 

13. Judas

14. Replay

15. Stupid Love


16. Chromatica 3/Sine From Above

17. Bad Romance 

18. Shallow

19. 1000 Doves (Acoustic into studio)

20. The Edge Of Glory (Album version)


21. Rain On Me


22. Babylon (With elements from Black Jesus)



Edited by Jeroen Bloeming
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Act I: mothership


Chromatica I/Alice

Bad romance (new mix)

Heavy metal lover/Scheiße

Free woman


Act II: neon space


Sour candy

Lovegame/Just dance/Telephone (new mix medley)

Plastic doll


Act III: black and white


Chromatica II/911

Scream (Michael jackson cover)

Paparazzi (new mix)



Act IV: gardens



Alejandro (new mix)

Poker face (new mix)


1000 doves (piano/main)


Act V: battle field

Manifesto of chromatica interlude

Stupid love

Born this way (new mix)


Encore I



Chromatica III/Sine from above


Encore II

Rain on me



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