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Jeff: "ARTPOP not coming in short time frame"


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I bet the album got pushed back. I just have a feeling that the BTWB will have some added US dates and the album will get pushed back

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Excuse me, but wasn't Jeff the very same person that claimed that everything is coming sooner than we think, back in August?

Maybe he is not very reliable OR things got re-scheduled....

Either way, I am sick and tired of waiting. I do not listen to other artists....

I think Interscope wasnt fine with her work when she announced that she will tweet the name in September. I know she is on tour but she can record in the tour bus or whatever idk. I have the feeling that Interscope wants Gaga to make it bigger and "better"

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i knew there'd be no new music till next year but hopefully the album comes out before june because i think we'll all lose the will to live by then!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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