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Lady Gaga to launch her own water brand


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Unless there's some unusual/unique flavours I don't see how she could possibly have any kind of original angle on bottled water. Black water's been done, a million and one flavours and bottle designs have been done, energy drinks, caffeine drinks etc. I don't buy bottled water ever, so she's gonna have to have to do something truly original to entice me into buying it.

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I guess I am disappointed, if true. Gaga has always said she's not about the money. This would be a grab for money and nothing to do with her music career. Everything else she is involved with I get, perfumes, fashion, etc.

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it should come in a vessel shaped bottle

I know your probs just joking, but like.. srsly, what can she actually do to improve on the myriad of already available options for bottled water? Seems like time wasted if she's taking focus off of ARTPOP

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Oh no, I mean all I know is whiskey mouth.

Wtf is water?

Hahahaha <3

Or maybe it sounds weird for an artist to start selling water bottles


I was being sarcastic...?

My name isn't Timmers
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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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