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Lady Gaga will chat with Littlemonsters tonight


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I love how she's so proud of being Taylor's girlfriend. It's so cute! :fan:

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I watched the show last nite...

I give it an 8...

On location in Chicago ,,,

semi realistic disasters that real rescue fire fighters face ....

timeline a bit mashed together,, real life drama like that in the show is usually more spread over time.....

but thats T.V.

Also, Taylors character seems too clean cut to be addicted to pain killers, I kinda had a hard time swallowing that sub plot ....

Girls are hot....8-)

Lots of sub plots between the characters,,,, Drama .... total chic show...

like a cat in a sil, I observe life, moving and still. My words give a clue,look inside to see whats true
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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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