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Gaga throws up on stage in Barcelona 10/7


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This is AWFUL! :sick: I wonder if someone sopped it up & will try selling it on eBay for a million euros like that fake fingernail of hers......? If so, consider my bid is IN!!! :party:

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There is a difference between lip-synching and using playback.

Lip-synching is actively pretending to sing when you are not actually singing live.

Playback (at least the way Gaga's been using it) is like a a cheaper version of using back-up singers (and usually your recorded vocals tend to blend better with your voice and be more accurate in pitch than those of live back-up singers, anyways. Also, the playback she uses seems to usually be vocal stems from the album itself, which is pretty easy to differentiate from her live singing voice (given how the album vocals are edited, etc)).

Gaga has been known to use playback all of her career while she's doing difficult choreography, and she's never claimed that she hasn't.

I'm really surprised nobody pointed this out already.

Im sad the meaning isnt the same in the Netherlands. We use the word "Playback" or "playbacking" for lipsyncing. So if they would use the word playback in an article, netherlands would read it as lipsyncing.

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This is hilarious.



Sh3 st0l3 th1s On3 fr4m BIE3BER!!!!1111ONE FloPga So un0rigniAl/

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