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UN aviation agency blocks critics of Taiwan policy on Twitter

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 The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has blocked numerous Twitter accounts — including ones belonging to Capitol Hill staffers and D.C.-based analysts — after facing online criticism for excluding Taiwan from membership.


Jessica Drun, the first person get banned by ICAO.


Here's news link

F**k U, ICAO and WHO :fthis:

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I stand with Taiwan (and I'm thrilled Tsai won reelection). Especially when global health is at issue, this is no time for exclusion. But I also recognize it's complicated because China wields so much power.

One of the only things I appreciate about President Trump is that he accepted a phone call from President Tsai. The fact that a phone conversation alone is such provocation to China is all you need to know about how heavy-handed (and, frankly, petty) China is on the Taiwan issue. It's insane.

And blocking people who criticize you is a special kind of insecure. Personally I don't think official government accounts should be able to block people unless they're being verbally abusive.

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