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Sources: Sanders believes a woman can’t win

7 hours ago, PoshLife said:

The answer is so obvious that you overlook it.

Joe Biden outwardly supported marriage equality before even Barack Obama did. How many Congressional Republicans support it (now or in 2012)?

Joe Biden fought tooth and nail for the Affordable Care Act. How many Republicans voted for it?

Joe Biden was a lead sponsor of the Violence Against Women Act. How many Congressional Republicans voted to reauthorize it last year?

We don't have to have thought experiments on policy platforms to know Joe Biden is a Democrat. In word and in deed, he has been one. The real problem here is that you think someone has to be a socialist in order to be a Democrat. Regardless of what your twitter feed or your friends on GGD may tell you, the Democratic Party is a large party that includes a lot of people who happen to disagree with Bernie Sanders on things like Medicare for All, free college for everybody including the wealthy, and opposing all trade deals.

And that's why you feel like you've never gotten a "good response" - because it's not really a debate worth having. It's just that you cast everyone who might be to the right of the most extreme left-wing presidential candidate in American history as a Republican. It's intellectually dishonest.

By the way, a word to the wise: constantly telling people you're "too smart" and "won't dumb yourself down" usually doesn't convince people of those facts. Let your words speak for themselves.

You're making this more difficult than it needs to be :rip:

I don't believe one politician is only defined by their good or bad actions. That's why I'm not in the habit of *literally* calling or believing Joe Biden a Republican. 


He does have some beliefs and has cast some votes in the past, and fought some battles that are to the right of many Democrats, and in other country's political systems would just factually be described as "conservative viewpoints" - That is why people say that he's Republican, Republican-lite, Republicanesque, etc. That's all there is.

There is no other reason I say this. I don't think Elizabeth Warren is a Republican, I don't think Cory Booker is a Republican, I don't think Kamala Harris is a Republican, and those people are to the right of Bernie Sanders, so you're just wrong :laughga: You're assuming way too much of my position. 


Also, your last statement would only be applicable if every person in a discussion behaved in good faith and always was willing to listen to the opposition and open to changing their minds. There is no way in the world to convince someone of something who does *not* want to believe it, or someone who is missing a certain part of the equation along the way. So words can only speak for themselves to some extent. It's not my job to make all of my dissenters my allies, sometimes I make the effort, othertimes I just respond. Often times, people posing as "I just don't understand" expose themselves by saying inflammatory things 

I said I know that calling someone a sexist lying piece of **** is different from saying "X candidate's support is primarily from white affluent people" - One is an inflammatory, ad hominem statement, the other is a fact ascertained from observing polling cross tabs... I can't pretend to not know that these things are different things. Maybe that's not convincing, I don't care. I say my piece for anyone who wants to listen to it. Sometimes, believe it or not, people PM me and we go into deeper detail with more nuance - it works sometimes, othertimes it does not.


私自身もこの世の中も誰もかれもが, どんなに華やかな人生でも, どんなに悲惨な人生でも, いつかは変貌し, 破壊され、消滅してしまう. すべてがもともとこの世に存在しない一瞬の幻想なのだから


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He’s cancelled.

American news and social networking service.
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18 minutes ago, Twitter said:

He’s cancelled.

Molly, you are in danger, girl!




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