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The Original LG6

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Flashback to summer 2017, The Cure has just been released, and it was quite a strange move for Gaga to just release a single out of the blue, no strings (a movie/show/album) attached. But wait- was there a string attached?
The Fact: Gaga was teasing the release of potential new songs on her (cancelled) Dive Bar Tour/The JWT- somewhere around that time. 


While Gaga assured us the fans will get a mix of her discography for the dive bar tour, we wondered if she'd surprise her little monsters with some new tracks altogether. "You just might get some more music. I love making music. I don't know exactly when. I'm sort of feeling like I'm making songs and doing all sorts of things with music, but I don't know exactly when or how I will release them," the musician teased. "I'm working on that."


The rumors:

It was rumored Gaga wanted to release a b-side for Joanne- with unreleased songs and maybe some new ones too. 
The Whole Frankensteined Fiasco (Gaga played it for fans)- which is basically 100% true considering RedOne confirmed the song’s existence

My Personal Opinion: 

I find it strange how she played The Cure- half a year after it’s release, at the AMAs. I know many people also thought she would’ve performed a new song on such a big stage. I think LG6 could’ve come out 2017 had everything gone right. Ultimately I believe Gaga’s body just got in the way. What are your guy’s thoughts? Was Gaga really planning on releasing a new album in 2017 or was it going to be her singles year (Katy 2019)? 

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Lucas Nelson is listed as a songwriter on the cure. Lucas Nelson is the string attaching The Cure to ASIB.

Let’s have some fun this beat is Sapokanikan


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Wasn't The Cure kinda made for Coachella? I mean it might not've been written for it but she said she spent a week making it with DJ White Shadow right before Coachella and released it because of that :laughga:



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