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Billboard praises Gaga in new article about 2010 Pop Domination

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Guillermo Tello

"As the 2000s gave way to the 2010s, a relatively unfamiliar artist ascended to the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100 on the first chart of the new decade: Kesha-- or as she was then known, Ke$ha -- with her debut single, "TiK ToK." The song was a rambunctious party-at-all-costs anthem, with a bleating, infectious beat and sung-rapped lyrics about brushing teeth with Jack Daniel's and kicking boys to the curb for not looking enough like Mick Jagger. It was hedonistic, it was vibrant, it was trashy, it was a ton of fun. And if you were looking for a No. 1 hit to set the tone for what pop music was going to be at the outset of the '10s, you couldn't have landed on a much more appropriate choice. 

Not that "TiK ToK" was the big bang for the brand of turbo-pop that would blanket radio and hog the top of the charts for much of the early decade: The way had already been paved over the final few years of the '00s. After a long period of Top 40 domination from crossover-friendly lite rock and heavily Auto-Tuned hip-hop and R&B, Lady Gaga struck the mainstream like a lightning bolt in 2008. With barnstorming electro-pop smashes like "Poker Face" and "Bad Romance," and an '80s-indebted vision of all-consuming pop stardom, she became music's biggest new sensation by the end of the 2000s."

Read the full article, it's a lot of fun: https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8542961/2010-turbo-pop-year

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