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Stefani Tee
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Hillary posts Kennedy letter found in archive.

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Morphine Prince

I don’t mind her posting funny stuff and weighing in when there aren’t crucial elections ahead. 

I just feel like she’s bad luck. Imagine Biden being the nominee and she endorses him October 2020 and his campaign tanks :air: 

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9 hours ago, Timmers said:


The letter is fake. It was a joke used on one of the late night talk shows, maybe Kimmel, comparing it to Trump's letter.

Of course the letter is fake. I was referring to the Twitter post. Who the hell would believe Kennedy wrote that letter?  I know @Talenti was referring to the lost too. 

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." -Martin Luther King Jr.


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10 hours ago, SKANK said:



There is nothing embarrassing about a former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State publicly expressing a political opinion, or continuing to be an activist after their time in office.

The opinions of experienced stateswomen should be valued. The opinion of the first woman to ever win the popular vote in a Presidential election ought to be valued.

Demanding that Hillary Clinton goes away, and spends the rest of her life in silence, is sexist and ageist.

I hope Hillary Clinton never stops agitating people and speaking her mind, for the sake of all women who were deemed "unlikable."


My issue with Hillary is a bit more nuanced than that. She's been corrupt, she's the embodiment of corporate DNC, she's supported Obama through devastating foreign policy, and more. 

The accusation of ageism and sexism would have a bit more merit if I also felt the same way about Elizabeth Warren, RBG, and other older women in politics. 

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