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Elizabeth Warren is now leading the 2020 polls

OG Gaga Stan
6 hours ago, GAGAVENUS said:

A good chunk of Biden's supporters are actually people of color (of all ages) because they're afraid that the rest of the candidates will lose to Trump and they have the most to lose from a Trump reelection for the most part.

Also the Working Families Party endorsed Warren, so her supporters are not just wealthy white voters. 

I like Bernie and I think that his policies are really great and he has led the way so much in terms of the DNC's platform, but you really need to get your facts straight instead of defending him with incorrect evidence.

A good chunk of Biden's supporters are older black voters (not of all ages), who, as I said in the post you quoted, are "reflexively pulling for Biden out of fear because they know who he is and because they’ve been told he’s more electable" by pundits on MSNBC and CNN. Older black voters in America have historically and statistically been much more conservative in their voting practices, sticking with well-known figures. Almost none of Biden's support is coming from voters under 35. In no way does what you just said undermine the post you quoted, at all. 

Citing the Working Families Party's endorsement of Warren to try to disprove the numerous studies that have been released that show, definitively, that Warren gets more popular with voters the richer they get and the whiter they get, that 71% of her voters are white... have you not heard about the massive controversy surrounding the WFP's endorsement? About how the leadership (which endorsed Joe Crowley over AOC back a couple of years ago) had a 50% stake in the voting process, the same share as the entire rest of the actual membership? About how the leadership has repeatedly refused to release the voting totals, which they've never done in the past? How numerous members of the party have come out and said that it's obvious that the actual membership voted to endorse Sanders and that the leadership voted for Warren and that they're clearly attempting to obscure that fact by hiding the voting shares? Even if you were going to ignore all of that, the endorsement of a party that endorsed Joe Crowley over AOC does not, in any way, disprove the multiple demographic studies that have shown that Warren voters are massively disproportionally white and that she is more popular with wealthier liberals.

Don't condescend to me or chide me about "getting my facts straight" without knowing what you're talking about. 

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