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Stefani Tee
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30 GOP Senators would vote to remove Trump if vote was private

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I believe it, but I mean, this doesn't mean anything because they are cowards that are more concerned with their wealth and political careers to do whats right, but thats been the general M.O for almost all decent to moderate conservatives and republicans since a few months after he became the nominee in the general :ladyhaha:

The accounts of their hypocrisy, blatant lying, backtracking, etc. are all over the internet. Lindsey Graham's are the funniest if anyone is interested :fan: 

The real kii is that we know Trump read this and wants to know who they are and is going to be paranoid about some of his supporters in Washington now :laughga: We already know he wants Pence out and he's probably going to throw him under the bus at some point in an excuse to get a new VP for 2020 re-elections because hes nervous about his winning chances (also evidenced in him trying to get this stale tea on Joe in the first place :rip: The insecurity) 

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私自身もこの世の中も誰もかれもが, どんなに華やかな人生でも, どんなに悲惨な人生でも, いつかは変貌し, 破壊され、消滅してしまう. すべてがもともとこの世に存在しない一瞬の幻想なのだから
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On 9/25/2019 at 1:40 PM, Morphine Prince said:


This is why I don't like the two party system.  

Like lgbtq+ are all individuals and not bound to group policy, I would like to see politics follow suit.

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like a cat in a sil, I observe life, moving and still. My words give a clue,look inside to see whats true


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