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LG6 Q2 2020

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2 minutes ago, Ronald Allen said:

maybe its a Double ALBUM :ohwell: 

Id love a 2 CD set tons of stuff!:firega:

Maybe, I mean apparently Rihanna is also planning a double album release. Maybe it's a new thing to make that kind of release

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I mean Interscope definitely wants to build on the success of ASIB. I wouldn't be surprised if the success of ASIB was a major reason that anything related to LG6 was delayed or changed  this spring as the sound could have been too experimental and uncommercial for the GP/soccer moms so they are trying to put more ballads or commercial pop songs on the albums or maybe they are going with a double album including a Gaga side and a Lady side.

Let's remember that even though Gaga says she is the boss in creating and having control over the album development process Interscope still has the final say IF, WHEN and HOW the album is going to be released. They were the ones who weren't happy with the first results of Joanne (as it was too organic sounding) so BloodPop was hired to add more of the POP production. If I remember correctly they were also the one's who wanted PI as the lead single. I always got the feeling that Gaga favoured A-Yo and MR over PI.

So if there actually was a delay/postponement in spring we cannot say it was the fault of Gaga and her team. It also could have been Interscope who put the stop on Gaga's ideas and plans for whatever reason......

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