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Mysterious Photos for Scrapped King Kong Photo shoot (Gaga)

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On 9/2/2019 at 9:19 AM, Loeppke said:

So you’re telling me that Gaga came up with an interesting, creative, and original concept for what could have been one of her best shows, as well as have a potential magazine spread to promote it, and she let some Mangahigh man tell her that the concept sucks? :neyde:

1. As usual, you people got it all WRONG. Remember Enigma production designer LeRoy Bennett said LADY GAGA CREATED THE STORY AND WROTE THE SCRIPT HERSELF?? The Enigma character was based on Petga! (LeRoy has worked with Gaga since the Monster Ball Tour in 2009.) 

2. If that photo shoot were GAGA'S idea - her initial concept for Enigma, as someone suggested - those photos would be for internal use only, and would NOT be available to King Kong or any other magazine until after the show's debut in December. On the other hand, if she'd wanted to promote Enigma, she would have picked Vogue (she was on the cover) or EW, not some obscure art magazine! Get real.

3. LeRoy on the Enigma storyline: It was in its infancy during our first meeting (in JUNE 2018) but there was always the ENIGMA STORYLINE. We always have storylines or journeys in the shows, but this one is a lot more specific to her and where she's at in her life. And it had to be told in a way that fit the VEGAS world, something that incorporated all her hits. 

4. LeRoy on Enigma's genesis: It was all very collaborative. LADY GAGA CREATED THE STORY AND WROTE THE SCRIPT HERSELF while her onsite photographer Eli Russell Linnetz also played a larger role in the creative for this show as well. (Eli is credited as designer. He came up with the robot.)

5. LeRoy on Gaga: When I first started working with her, she was surrounded by a massive amount of people who were pushing her in one direction or another. Since then, she's matured a lot. Beyond her talent, what I love about her the most is who she is as a human being. She's so hard-working and knows EXACTLY what she wants.

6. LeRoy on Jazz & Piano: The jazz and piano show? That's what's in her SOUL. That is her. And that's what Gaga does best. She does both of them amazing, but the jazz show is her passion. It was an extension of the show we did for the Cheek to Cheek Tour. 

7. LeRoy on the Vegas residency: I think it means the world to Gaga. The reviews have been phenomenal. I believe she's really enjoying the environment that she's working in. She loves that room. There's a consistency to it, which I'm sure she loves. 

8. LeRoy on his favorite: The entire jazz show is incredible. Her voice! And for Enigma, what I love most is the message and its story about healing and finding yourself, that message Gaga is giving to the audience. 

9. My thoughts: Those photos had NOTHING to do with Enigma. And thank God. Enigma is perfect for Gaga (she loves the drama and is clearly having fun), for longtime fans (deep cuts) as well as locals (bored by deep cuts but intrigued, or distracted by the alien storyline).

10. Again: Some people are stuck in the past and they want Gaga to stay the way she was in 2009/ 2011/ 2013. We didn't know back then but she loves jazz and acting as much as she loves pop! They worked her to death until she broke her hip, but she's the BOSS now. She's doing what she loves. It's about time! :)

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On 9/2/2019 at 9:20 AM, hurricane326 said:

This has pretty much been ha entire career

I know right? All her Polaroid products would have been revolutionary, her first leg of the monster ball had a low budget so the sets and costumes were very DIY. (Still love it) ARTPOP was was supposed to be promising, Joanne could’ve been more raw and personal.

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