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Joanne World Tour DVD by Monster Tours - ACT VI


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Ladies and Gays, its finally here! 

As some of you may know, I have taken up to myself the task of creating the best, most profesional looking DVD of the Joanne World Tour! Similar to my Born This Way Ball DVD from 6 years ago, I intend to release each act of the show online, with the final culmination of the full video. 

Each song has over 20 shots, each audio is custom¬†made to fit Gaga¬īs lips, and over 10 different cities are used all throughout. All interludes are in their original, non-downgraded capacity (Except the AD and Joanne ones) and where taken from lobster eyes website! It took a lot of energy to make this, so if you end up watching these new 27¬†¬†minutes of the show make sure to write me something nice (or give feedback), as I am mainly doing this for you guys! Share it with everyone you know!¬†¬†

I have also recently began a new profile on Instagram. I will be posting updates and exclusive sneak peaks every week. I will also have my DM¬īs open for any commissions or questions too

I want this to be the bootleg that the fanbase will refer to whenever they want to relive the experience of the show, and for those of you who did not get to go to see it in HD! 

I want to thank all the users who have supported my work throughout the years since I first started editing. You guys really put me in a good mood and its always awesome to read your comments! 












Now, without further adiue, 

Monster Tour DVD¬īs Presents:
The Joanne World Tour 


@Haroon Hey! could you pin this topic please? Thank you so much! 

My tag list: If anyone else wants to be notified when a new ACT is posted let me know!

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Pop Music

very well done :applause:

Gaga ūüíĚTaylor ūüíĚCarly Rae ūüíĚRina ūüíĚMARINA ūüíĚBritneyūüíĚLights ūüíĚShania ūüíĚSigridūüíĚ
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You're so talented:firega: and Gaga needs you in her team! Please tag me because I want to watch every act :hug:. Thank you for everything.

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Thank you for always tagging me on your posts. I love and apreciate your work very much. Im gonna be watching all of this! :kara:

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Rudz Xinc

When you can't rely on Gaga and her team, at least we can rely on you.

You did amazing honey. Thank you.:huntyga:

Look at those clowns
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The next ACT will be up soon! I already finished the cure in its entirety, and I have half o Bad Romance done. Im currently video searching for Million Reasons as well. It should be done by the second week of October and the Encore + credits about two or three days after. College kept me busy for a few weeks and I had to put editing aside.

im also hoping to get some more Enigma performances up before the end of the year and a full DVD for that as well sometime mid 2020

@HausOfMark @Standing-o

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