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If Gaga pulled a Rihanna in terms of releasing albums?

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3 hours ago, Biagio2103 said:

Well, this would mean four Grammys for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album :sis:

Grammy's for  C2C follow-ups?


"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." -Martin Luther King Jr.


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A record every year may affect her health but also her image as it's happening to Ari... Maybe every two years would be fine


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4 hours ago, Alan123 said:

Given the fact that Gaga writes and produces her music, it'd be a hard thing to do. Rihanna has the time to live her life and have people write music for her so that's how they were able to do it.

The Fame was released in August 2008 and then released The Fame Monster in November 2009 and it's a GREAT album, one of the favorites. I could see this working if these album only include around 8 to 10 tracks. We know she likes to write music every day so she might be able to have around 30 songs ready and keep making more. I mean, she could do it if she wanted to but maybe she doesn't at this point in her career.

^^such an important point

Rihanna is able to pump out music at such a rapid fire pace because "Rihanna" (as a brand) is a group production more than she is a single, driving force behind her music. When you bring in hordes of writers and producers to create your music, you're able to release far faster than someone who is involved in the nitty gritty of creating.

we also know that gaga is prone to changing her mind/direction on albums, whereas rihanna is more of a load-and-fire type

that being said, i think it makes strategic sense for gagz to release her next two albums/projects relatively close together, within a year or two of each other. worked out very well for ariana and i could see it paying off similarly for gaga

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