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Billie Ellish’s brother’s girlfriend is a doppelgänger

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2 hours ago, doppelganger said:

Gaga-Christian relationship can be explained : Oedipus Syndrome

In psychanalyse talking about sexual development there is Oedipus Complex (for boys) and Electra Complex for girls. For girls according to Freud they feel that vagina is inferior to the penis, they feel incomplete -> lust over the father who is the penis possessor. They start to hate their mother for being born incomplete  or deny that don't have a penis all together (according to Freud this is how lesbianism starts). After maturity they accept it and search for a penis but not in the person of the father (who are still lusting incounscienly) but in the person of a lover. Then procreation (with their baby in womb being felt like a replacement of a penis) is what resolves this ''conflict''. But this doesn't affect only a few girls/ womens, it's (according to Freud, at least) what happens with all females.

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