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Charli XCX: "New Song Dropping A Week From Today"

18 hours ago, Sneaky said:

She deserves it after that "familiar fruit" moment. Girl really thought she invented fruits and neon lights:awkney:

:excuseu: lol First of all, Charli's shoot was identical and it was a very specific aesthetic, so theres that. Secondly, Marina was just being cheeky. I think the way Charli reacted to it all was so....beyond disrespectful. shes not blind, she couldve played off the obvious and been a sport about it. its not like marina actually cared.


18 hours ago, Stephen said:

Wtf where did that come from :air: is she obligated to mention every artist all the time? What the heck lol 

Considering she makes a point to hand out features like penny candy to the least deserving, I think its a little telling that she pays her such dust now. thats all.


ANYWAY ya'll. I wasn't even being that serious but ya'll rubbed my sunburn a bit not gonna lie.


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