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MEGARATE II Gaga's Choreography

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Hello again, I'm back for my 2nd Megarate. This time we'll be rating  Our Queen, Our Mother Monster, Ms Lady Gaga's Choreography. Just want to thank everyone who participated in my last megarate on Kesha's  singles. 



1.) Rate each track from 1 to 10, decimals are highly encouraged. You can rate one track with an 11, to represent your love for it and a 0 for your least favorite track.

2.) Comments aren't necessary, but are highly encouraged!

3.) The deadline for voting will be on July 28th, 2019.

4.) Please Don't troll.

5) Please do not leave any hurtful, critical or mean comments about members of Gaga’s team (eg. Her choreographers etc.) You may leave comments about the dances in with your rates as long as they are your opinion of the choreography and not the choreographer. Thank you!

6.) Send me your submissions through PMs (@IrishMonster) until the deadline. Please don't post them here on the thread! There will be reminders for those who haven voted.

7.) The results ceremony is scheduled for July 31st at 7pm. When I know the date, I'll tag all the people who participated with the date and time.

8.) Have fun!



1) Just Dance
2) Poker Face
3) LoveGame
4) Paparazzi
5) Beautiful Dirty Rich
6) Boys Boys Boys 
7) Bad Romance
8) Telephone
9) Alejandro
10) Dance in the Dark (Enigma)
11) Teeth
12) Born This Way
13) Judas
14) Yoü and I
15) Marry The Night
16) Scheiße
17) Hair 
18) Heavy Metal Lover
19) Applause
20) G.U.Y.
22) Sexxx Dreams
23) John Wayne
24)Dancin’ in Circles
25)The Cure


People Who Haven't Voted:


People Who Have Voted:

if you haven't been tagged feel free to submit your votes, much appreciated and you'll be added. Get ready for your entrance at the ceremony

Here is a link to a YouTube channel who do Gaga's choreography if it helps:


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I'm busy this month but tag me anyways, I'll try to send my rates :vegas:

Ain't got no tears left to cry 💧
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I'm in!

My Holy Trinity: Lady Gaga, Imagine Dragons, Mariah Carey
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3 minutes ago, FentyGa said:

ok so bad romance is winning.

not when G.U.Y exists :lolly:

Sometimes you have to be your own biggest fan.
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I’m in and will send my rates very soon.

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I’m in!! Gotta remind me to vote tho:poot:

What you want Lady Gaga🥂 What you want with Christina🥂


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