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Stefani Tee
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Everybody is praising Gaga’s Jazz&Piano show

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Fee Dee

She also did "Don't let me be misunderstood". Need to find the full version...


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Honestly her Jazz shows are Gaga at her absolute best. The people live, she lives, we all live. 

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I created an account (finally...been lurking for awhile) JUST to talk about this show! I was there, and it was my first Gaga show and it blew my goddamn mind. She absolutely KILLED it on stage, for the entire 2.5 hours and I have never seen anything so amazing in my whole life. I originally bought seats in the balcony, but at the last minute, a few days before the show, I pulled the trigger on some Official Platinum floor seats (4th row, center section, on the aisle) on Ticketmaster because YOLO, right? Turns out, those seats were supposed to have been reserved for Tony Bennett (yep, I was in his seat) and "his people" basically bribed me and my husband to move over two seats so he and his wife could have the aisle seats for after his performance. They bribed us with free drinks and VIP passes to an after party/reception that Tony was hosting after the show for his nonprofit!  He ended up deciding to stay backstage, so we got our seats back in the end. Anyway, Gaga's vocals were on point the WHOLE SHOW. She was so funny, cracking lots of jokes and talking to the audience (she absolutely low key dragged this one drunk lady in the front row by her piano when she came stumbling back to her seat holding a huge ass beer and almost spilled it, but in the funniest way). She was a little bit naughty, a little bit silly, and a whole lot emotional and humbled by all the standing ovations. I was close enough to see the tears in her eyes and she seemed really overwhelmed by all the love from the audience. It was an absolutely magical night and a memory that I will forever cherish. She is absolutely unstoppable! I am totally seeing this show again during the next wave. The next day, we were in the Park MGM gift shop and met the bass player from Brian's band and he was SO NICE. Took a photo with us and he featured it in his Instagram story today! He was so happy to meet fans and talk to us about the show. 

Here's my video of Bad Romance. It's my favorite song and I loved every second of this performance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAMMILFx9eA

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