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What were gaga singles that never ended up getting a release?


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Animal Claws

2nd single from ARTPOP had a lot of changes:

1- Swine was meant to be single but it was replaced with Venus

2- Venus was almost ready for being a single, the Music Video had the script almost ready (i think), but was chosen DWUW instead

3- Aura was meant to be second single too, after be rejected to be lead single

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On 5/14/2019 at 5:51 AM, LilyLark said:

Wasn't the whole Venus and ARTPOP mess because Troy left her literally a week or two before ARTPOP dropped? Like her whole team fell apart right when she was choosing which singles to release, etc.?

Pretty sure it was because they released DWUW as a promo single and the great reception made them flip-flop on their choices. But then there was the whole SNL and video mess, the R. Kelly drama, and stuff. It's sad to see such a good song get pulled entirely.

G.U.Y. came later...for some reason...she even found a way to mash ARTPOP, Venus, and MANiCURE into its video though :sharon: she wanted Aura to be ARTPOP's lead and when the label said "no", Boris said "yas" and leaked it here.

Same thing happened with Joanne, I think. A-Yo was the planned 2nd but MR beat it out, this time they made the right choice as it's now a Gaga staple :diane:

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Xoxo Adriana

I heard that Scheiße was gonna be a single, and I think her reasoning for using it as her Fame perfume commercial's theme song was most likely because she intended for it to be a single, and it never became one.

For ARTPOP she considered many songs to be singles...Aura as the lead, Sexxx Dreams, Swine (I think) and Gypsy was rumoured to be the final single but it turned out to be G.U.Y instead. All I know is everyone was literally FIGHTING Gaga to make Gypsy a single, and to use MANiCURE as the ending credits for the ARTPOP film and not Gypsy was a huge "f**k you" to us all:ladyhaha:


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well... on The Fame era, they were planning to release Boys Boys Boys as the 6th single, Gaga wanted to release Bad Romance instead, Dance In The Dark the same thing, about Born This Way, there was 10 singles predicted, but interscope gave us only 5, the other 5 singles are on the BTW the Remix tracklist, ARTPOP should have been a visual album, with videos for every single song, i believe she would premier them in the App with the countdown, but it got cancelled with the rest of the era and the Act II.

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On 5/14/2019 at 4:34 AM, RoverLoader said:

So I've been listening to Born This Way today and it struck me how odd the single realeases for that album were. Judas was a strange choice for second single and was it true Edge of Glory was rush released after the relative disappointment of Judas in the charts? I adored Heavy Metal Lover, but I know that wasn't a single contender. Wasn't sheibe rumored to be a single at one point?


With ARTPOP, wasn't Venus supposed to be the lead single and somehow it never was released as a single at all? Howcome there have been no more official singles from ASIB? I love the strategy and discussion around single releases, so if ya'll have good memories of why certain songs were picked over others, please do share!

Edge of Glory wasn’t rush released. It was released as a countdown to the album like Hair was & then made a single because of how well it performed.

Venus was supposed to be the second single but they changed it to DWUW & then changed it again to GUY.

Also Boys Boys Boys was supposed to be the last single from The Fame but she released Bad Romance instead cause she felt it would be huge & her record label felt that she had completed an entirely new album & wanted to start promoting its release.

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23 hours ago, KatieJudasGaga4 said:

Ok this is wrong lol. Scheisse, was in fact, supposed to be the 2nd single from BTW, but Judas was chosen instead. And yes, Judas underperforming was due because of the controversy. Literally radios stopped playing it because of complaints of Christian/Religious people and groups. It was performing well the first weeks worldwide until people kept boycotting the song.

Lol no. Show me the receipts. 

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On 5/14/2019 at 11:34 AM, RoverLoader said:


:triggered:  :triggered:  :triggered: 

It's spelled "Scheiße"


I forgive you this time, but you better copy the correct spelling somewhere to use it for later :grr: .

OT: Heavy Metal Lover supposedly was to be the 6th single, but was scrapped due to the commercial underperfomance of MTN :madge:  ( Judas was a bad single choice imo, HML should've been :pray: ).

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On 5/15/2019 at 5:08 PM, KatieJudasGaga4 said:

Ok this is wrong lol. Scheisse, was in fact, supposed to be the 2nd single from BTW, but Judas was chosen instead. And yes, Judas underperforming was due because of the controversy. Literally radios stopped playing it because of complaints of Christian/Religious people and groups. It was performing well the first weeks worldwide until people kept boycotting the song.

Not true.

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On 5/14/2019 at 5:32 AM, FfFfFfFF said:

A Star Is Born: Rushing to release Shallow before the soundtrack was a moment decision. According to album stickers, the central songs (that were meant to be further promoted) were I'll Never Love Again and Always Remember Us This Way.

After the movie trailer went so viral, I can't buy into her team not knowing that Shallow was the smash of the album. :oops:

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POP A 911

Kind of a weird coincidence, it’s always the second single that gets messed with.

The FameBeautiful Dirty Rich was supposed to be the second single, but because Poker Face was more successful they changed it.

Born This Way: Judas was the second single but as soon as The Edge of Glory charred higher they suddenly declared it the next single, completely overshadowing Judas

ARTPOP: Venus was confirmed to be the second single, but once again Do What U Want overshadowed and they announced it as the second instead.

JOANNE: A-Yo was supposed to be the second single but was replaced by Million Reasons because as before it charted higher.


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7 hours ago, illbekind said:

Not true.

You can literally search it on Google and articles will show up. 

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It just seems insane that the same mistakes seemed to repeat themselves on each new album cycle. The amount of talent and unreleased work makes Gaga’s commercial/GP success really tough to swallow. This doesn’t add much substance but it has frustrated me for so long.

During a similar timeframe, artists like Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, and Rihanna were turning out 6+ singles off their albums, while Gaga created masterpieces that were all messed with and ended with eras that fizzled out.

The Fame was obviously beginning to become outdone by Gaga the persona, but squeezing Starstruck in before Paparazzi would’ve been a high-charting single with a different vibe that tied perfectly into the Fame+Fame Monster concept. 

TFM was pure brilliance and anything LG touched at that point would turn to gold- all 3 singles reached top 3 in the USA; Monster, DITD, SHID, and Speechless ALL could have been added to that group but None were.

BTW had such epic tracks that I wish she had saved MTN for example for a part 2. But, regardless, MTN, EOG, and Scheisse were total standouts. MTN should’ve led with BTW next in tandem with the album release. Next could’ve been something differently and experimental like Hair, brought back to normal with EOG, and closed out with Scheisse and You and I / HML. 

ARTPOP needed a plan and all promotion had to be dedicated to it for it to succeed. Messing with the songs and visual concept was a recipe for what happened. Applause as the GP pleasing lead, followed by the revealing of the Aura, call to the goddess of love Venus, crazed love of Sexxx Dreams / Manicure, power pull of GUY, and comedown of Gypsy Wouldve totally rocked.

Since MTN, we have gotten two albums, 5 singles, and 4 music videos from LG (not Ally). That’s insane! Averaging 3 singles per album is so underwhelming - imagine the success and videos alone we missed out on!  

TF: JD, PF, LG, SS, Paparazzi 

TFM: Bad Romance, Alejandro, SHICD, Monster, Telephone

BTW: MTN, BTW, Hair, EOG, Scheisse, You and I, HML

ARTPOP: Applause, Aura, Venus, Manicure, Sexxx Dreams, GUY, Gypsy

Joanne: PI, DH, MR, DIC


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James Gibson

Born This Way era:

Early on, Gaga was so in love wit MTN that she wanted as a lead single. But soon after she understood the message of the album should be clear and went with the title track. That was way before anything was announced but she revealed in a interview later.

Judas was picked by Interscope cause Controversial Gaga was THE thing (specially after Alejandro video worked out). Gaga wasn't pissed nor anything, she went along with it but the single flopped because it was too much religious imagery during Easter season and people got mad.

Then MTN was intended as the 3rd single. You have no idea how much Gaga loved the song back then, she talked about it all the time. There were those leaked stamps that gets glued on the CD case that said: "BORN THIS WAY BY LADY GAGA INCLUDING THE HIT SINGLES BORN THIS WAY, JUDAS AND MARRY THE NIGHT". Then, Gaga was doing her usual thing of releasing promotional songs as a countdown to the album and TEOG was one of them that reached #1 on itunes and debuted at #3 on the Hot 100. The label,who was nervous with Judas underperformance and the possibility of Gaga flopping, quickly put TEOG as the next single and kinda worked out.

I don't really know why Yoü and I was chosen as 4th single. Gaga never wanted this song to sold or to be a single since it was personal (that's why she sings the song at concerts since she wrote back in 2010). I guess the label saw the chance of a Gaga love song as a hit (something she didn't have yet) and it was a great song. I wouldn't have chosen it, but it worked out.

And then poor sis MTN was left dust as the 5th single because Gaga wanted more than anything and made sure she directed the video and made it her own. But the GP was really tired of the 'Gaga' image and let it flop. The promotion was on point and she did everything right. People just wasn't there for her anymore. It was her first single in the US not to hit the top 10

As MTN flopped, Interscope cut ties and cancelled the 6th single rumoured to be Heavy Metal Lover.

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Dance In The Dark (I really wanted to see what she had in mind for the video.)

Heavy Metal Lover

Fashion! - Screams summer smash. 


Lady Gaga/ Madonna/Lana /Azealia Banks/ Jazmine Sullivan/ DEEE-LITE/ Moko
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James Gibson


Gaga wanted Aura as a lead single and planned to be the continuation of Telephone. But let's be honest. It IS a weird song, during the verses her voice is something not suited for the radio, besides the intro. I love the song but y'all have to admit it's not something for the GP. Also, Aura and Burqa ARE THE SAME SONG!!!!! She just changed not to be too controversial

Gaga played over 40 songs she was doing for the album to Jimmy Iovine from Interscope back then. He said something like "every song you've been playing to me has been better than the previous one. So you should release the last one you played as lead single". And that was good sis Applause. It kinda worked besides the Katy mess and fits the album message pretty well.

Few weeks before the release of Applause she leaked the song on her own by the iconic username @BorisIsHere right here on this cult site. She broke search records or something on Google. But the reception was as anyone would expect from a song like that, polarizing.

Then Gaga did the SwineFest (at the iTunes Festival) where she debuted 7 new songs. After the show she went to twitter and told the fans to vote for the second single. MANiCURE, Aura, Sexxx Dreams and Swine were the options. Sexxx Dreams won. However that result was ignored, I believe Gaga took that poll on her own and Interscope didn't like the options (SD is too explicit of a song).

After the promo tour for Applause Gaga was finishing the album and Venus was created. Besides what many people say, the song exist since 2012 and couldn't be the lead single. It was only written in September 2013. Gaga was so in love with it and the concept that she made second single quickly and there was a video planned with an written script, and some clothes being selected that you can find online. But THERE IS NO FOOTAGE. It was only being planned, it never filmed a single frame.

Gaga went to her countdown promotional singles route and the first one was DWUW. The song topped the iTunes and received much acclaim specially with Gaga's promo of the song on twitter few days before. When Venus was released few weeks later it didn't hit #1 on itunes and the reception was polarizing yet again. The TEOG route was quickly activated and DWUW became the second single (Gaga at the time said she decided that, but it was probably Troy).

After that Troy left her, Gaga went through deep depression, ARTPOP was becoming ARTFLOP for many, DWUW video mess and then blackout.

In early 2014 Gaga got her **** together and started doing a lot of plans for the tour and a secret video. It lasted two months of people trying to figure what would be the third single.

Some insiders (true ones, not random accounts on twitter) said Gaga and the label was torn between 3 songs: G.U.Y., Gypsy and Dope. The popular option won (G.U.Y. was the most "Gaga" songs from these) and it became the third single. Gaga was proud that she had time to plan the things she wanted and then included Venus and ARTPOP on the music video. G.U.Y. video was released after SWSX Swine performance, that time inspired the 'rebellion against the industry expectations' theme. She was excited for releasing thing for the fans. But totally mad inside.

However, despite trying to make the era work again the single flopped hard and cracked only #76. That killed a mere possibility of a 4th single (many wanted to be Gypsy, she even considered releasing the song on a future album so it could be a single finally) and Gaga was kinda over the whole pop music. So this fantastic album was left dust but it carried a great tour on the way

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