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Who is like to playing Sims ?

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I had The Sims De;uxe when i was a kid!!! Now i have the sims 6 but its not quite doing it for me :noparty:


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Brinty binch

I love The Sims 4, I have some add-ons packs. I have about 1.5 GB folder with CC Mods. I hate alpha mods, I never download clothes and CAS objects. I always download new furnitures, deco objects, electronics, build mode objects - windows and doors, wall paints and floors. And only Maxis Match custom content.

It's MY opinion and I don't care what you think about it. Don't you like it? It's your problem.


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2 hours ago, highlikegaga said:

me when i was 8 and i was clicking WooHoo for the PG 13 p0rn, have the baby daddy cheat with her sister, then drown them all in the pool and call it a day.



Now there are custom content out there where you can ahem...  Do stuff in different positions and without the censor. :ally:

If you like directing.  Lol

Box me up


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