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My Vocals Teacher "Shallow" Cover

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Hello hello hello

Here is my  teachers cover for Shallow 

He is the best and a very good guy

He is mostly into rock and metal music but he has huge respect for Gaga

He calls her "the vocal Beast" and the last true Diva of our Generation, we talk about her in every lesson

Show some love 


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One of the best covers I've heard so far! Also thx 4 the expression "the last true diva of our generation" I will use it for sure about Gaga as it is quite accurate.

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I liked it

he has a better voice than me sooo lol

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A Hybrid

Is this a vocal teacher? I don’t really like this (maybe it’s just my taste) mainly because it seems like a live recording but has autotune, plus I don’t like his voice at all in Gaga’s part, seems too technical and unnatural when it’s meant to be raging and natural. 

I do the same mistakes singing Shallow (except changing my voice for higher notes) but I just wasn’t expecting a professional to :/ 

I just wanted to be one of The Strokes


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