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"Shallow" in radio - request

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Hello friends, 

'Shallow' is getting bigger in Polish radio but we need your help. 

Radio ZET (2nd biggest radio station here) finally started to airplay Shallow and now you can hear it for a few times a day. On the last radio chart update it peaked at #46 and I hope it's going to get higher. 

And here is the request. 

The radio station put Shallow in the voting to entry their official Top 20 Songs Chart and it's there since December and still didn’t entry the chart. Usually they remove new songs after about 3-4 weeks if they don't enter but they must love Shallow (what they say every time they play it on the radio) and I'm sure the radio programmers want it to get into the official chart. 

But Polish Monsters are too lazy to vote everyday so I want to ask you for help. 

Go to the bottom of the page and find Shallow under the official top 20 chart and click "Głosuj" which means "Vote":


You can vote once a day and the chart airs every Saturday. 

I'm sure if many of us will vote, Shallow can finally get to the place where it belongs. 

Thanks in advance!! :hug:


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12 minutes ago, Rio said:


only takes 30 secs each day

Thaaaank you :hug:


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