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“trash.” - Ariana @ Mac losing Best Rap Album

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This wasn't just a drunken, emotional mistake; it's a longstanding pattern of behavior. Ariana is not a nice person. At all. That doesn't take away from her talent, but it does mean she's a horrible role model and her attitude (and extremely blatant cultural appropriation) will be her own undoing.

Much bigger stars have faded into obscurity due to their personality and problematic actions within their personal, rather than professional, life. 

When (if) she matures one day, she'll really regret consistently allowing her ego and impulsivity to take over logic and civility, particularly given how talented she truly is (not that the latest music includes any indication of said talent). 

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Not professional at all!


She got extremely spoiled lately for sure, acting like the world owns her something, like the young Mariah Carey. I can't! :saladga:

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