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Sweetener wins Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album

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Since she doesn't need Grammy, I expect her to return this award, stat! :giggle:

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If Sweetener won a Grammy this year, TU,N better win at least 2 of them next year, bc it was WAAAAAAYYYYYY better :grr: 


Unless LG6 is gonna be released to be nominated, then TU,N better win nothing LG6 is nominated in :grr:  :grr:  :grr:  :triggered: 


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Congrats to her for the win! (Even tho she’s had better vocal performances in her other albums tbh IMO) 

Her pettiness all night tho almost made me forget about the win and focus more on what she was complaining about 

omg she’s being like some GGD users :messga:


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