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5 minutes ago, Allan said:

I was additec to X then I found out about the Mars Argo thing and got kinda uninterested :/

But yeah, I love her character and the songs are bops

Don't feel uninterested of her over what Titanic directs her to do, if you really like her music than you can still like her music :happy:

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High King

Her music really is interesting, catchy, and extremely well produced. Am I A Girl? might be my favorite pop album from last year. 

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Original Diva

I didn't like voicemail... 

But I love altaram I a girl, immature coutureplay destroy, Lowlifexthe rapture balltime is upfashion after alliconic, metal (which I found out was actually a Gary Numan cover! Look it up,  it's really good) and Fuzzy

excuse me no
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12 hours ago, Am I A Girl said:

I met her in dc and I’m meeting her again today!! :) you will have a lot of fun

Could you tell me what to expect for the salvation? I have no idea what I got myself into haha.


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