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Former TEOG director melts down, defends Madonna

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5 minutes ago, VOLANTIS said:

"Former TEOG director" sounds like something that's displayed under your name when you appear on TV but you're not celebrated for literally anything.. 


Literally what is under peoples names on crappy reality shows where they have to remind people who the cast is every time they are one screen because they are irrelevant.


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I agree with him. Fans shouldn't disrespect Madonna by calling her names or old. With that said, pointing out pettiness is not disrespecting her. 

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"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." -Martin Luther King Jr.


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2 minutes ago, JennyWayne said:

He is working with Taylor Swift, that says enough :reductive:

It says nothing, no need to drag her into this. That's like someone saying "Gaga worked with R kelly/ terry whatever, that says enough"

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Bloody hooker
31 minutes ago, LateToCult said:

joseph blocked me last year. :huntyga:

I blocked him on my professional Twitter just in case I ever get famous enough to have really great music videos. I’m one step ahead of him. :vegas:

This mutual gaze was a “longing to touch” or a "pre-coitus" stare.


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