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My Enigma artistic vision

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Here is my artistic vision for Enigma. I hope the show turns out something like this.  I did get some set list ideas from MonsterPawProjects on YouTube.

Her hair throughout the entire performance would be:


Obviously styled differently for  certain segments of the show. 




Songs Performed:

Aura / Scheisse / Applause





The show starts out with a quiet sound humming throughout the theater that progressively gets louder and eventually leads into the banjo or whatever that is in the beginning of Aura. Pink and white lights start to turn on. Gaga comes down from the ceiling on a lift singing the "aura-a-a, aura-a-a" part. The beat drops at the same time the lift reaches the stage, and Gaga goes crazy doing her normal jittery moves when she performs Aura. She performs the first verse and chorus, vocals snatching edges as normal. Then when the second verse hits, she screams "ENIGMA!" then continues with the verse, letting the audience know why this was the opening song. Asiel and few other dances cover her in a sheer black veil to symbolize a burqa. During the whole performance, pink and white lasers scatter everywhere. As the verse ends with "toil", a loud, deep bass sound is heard, and Gaga and dancers are in a "V" formation, similar to how birds fly in groups with Gaga at the point. As the bass is heard, they move their fists inwards toward their gut, while bending down and moving their head toward their chests. The high-pitched synths of Scheisse are heard.


As the synths continue, Gaga tells the crowd to put their hands up and get on their feet. Dancers perform the BTWB version choreography to the song while Gaga stands idle and reciting the fake German words. White lights and lasers flash everywhere. Gaga pitches into the choreo at the last time the German is recited. She then sings the first verse and chorus. The song quickly transitions into the Boyfriends Remix of Applause.


Applause goes into full force when the remix transitions into the first verse. Gaga performs a basic, full length version of the song, joining the dancers in choreo during the choruses. The lights go dark. 


Interlude 1



The first interlude is the first 1:50 of this song.


For the part before the beat drops, you can see Gaga floating toward a black hole in space. When the beat drops, she is sucked into the black hole and starts getting tossed around viciously. At the end of the interlude, Gaga is spit out onto the planet Venus by the black hole. 



Songs Performed:

Venus / G.U.Y. / Mary Jane Holland




A black leather ankle boot with a thick heel instead of those horrid shoes in the photo.


The lights are dark after the interlude video ends. While the lights are still out, a large semi-sphere of Venus is wheeled out onto the stage (similar to the moon during her EMA 2011 performance). Venus starts to play. As the instrumentals begin, orange lights hit the stage. Vocals start. The two claps heard as Gaga starts to sing are accompanied by two flashes of a strobe light for effect. The dancers do the original choreo to the song while Gaga does it on top of Venus. At the end of the song, the lights go out and only a spotlight remains on Gaga. While the stage crew wheels away the semi-sphere Venus, Gaga recites the beginning of G.U.Y.


As the song kicks into full force, dancer appear on stage and start doing the original choreography. Gaga joins in every now an then and during the chorus. When the bridge begins, Asiel and Richy head toward Gaga. Gaga stands idle while they take her top off to reveal the seashell bikini (similar to the one she wore during ArtRave, however this one is black latex covered in black Swarovski crystals and has neon blue LED strips outlining the edges of the fabric). She and the dancers perform the last chorus of G.U.Y.

Mary Jane Holland

When MJH starts to play, the neon blue LEDs on Gaga's bra fade into neon green. The stage is covered in green lights. Gaga starts to sing the song as the dancers perform new choreography to the song. As the song approaches the bridge, Gaga is handed what (appears to be) a joint (it's not an actual joint folks). When she says "introducing, ladies and gentlemen, Mary Jane Holland!" she ends it by yelling at the crowd to "SCREEEAAAMM!!" The lights fade out very quickly.

Interlude 2



The second interlude is the first 2:06 of this song.


As the audio starts, Gaga is seen sleeping peacefully in her bed. Her curtains are flowing in the wind as she has her windows open. At 0:25, we see what seems to be a UFO hovering above her house. At 0:38, drums begin playing in the audio. We see Gaga's body slowly levitate from her house into the alien spaceship. She still appears to be asleep when she is rising into the UFO. As the beat intensifies, and you start to hear the quickening buildup of the drop, you see aliens preparing surgical utensils to use on Gaga. When the beat drops, we see fast-paced shots of Gaga in pain and suffering from what the aliens are doing with her. The shots would be similar to the picture below. As the beat finally slows down, we see the aliens return Gaga to her bed. Right before the video cuts out, we see Gaga wake up with a traumatized look on her face.




Songs Performed:

Poker Face / Dance In The Dark / Just Dance / LoveGame




Without the hat and with red latex thigh-high boots that have straps to attach to the leotard. 


The lights are out. The soft synths begin playing from the beginning of the song. Soft white lights from the front edge of the stage start wandering around the theater. Once the harder synths start, those white lights begin flashing. Once the even harder synths kick in, white lights from the back of the stage start flashing. When the beat finally kicks in, strobes and white lasers flash all around. Gaga starts singing the song. Her dancers do the original choreography and Gaga joins them in dancing during the chorus. At various points in the performance, Gaga's dancers hold her up and carry her to the other side of the fog-covered stage. When the long fade-out of poker face is halfway done, it quickly fades out and the dark synths of Dance In the Dark start to play.


You can start to hear Gaga's moaning in the beginning of the track. Gaga begins to sing the first verse and first chorus. After that, it skips the second verse and chorus and heads right for the bridge. Gaga recites the fan-favorite bridge and then the stage goes dark. While the stage is dark, Gaga is quickly handed her keytar, which in this show is made from clear plastic and has sparkly silver water in it. Just Dance starts to play.


"RedOne.... Konvict.... Gaga" is heard and the crowd goes wild. The lights start flashing all sorts of colors. Gaga starts singing the track while her dancers perform the original choreography. Only the first verse and chorus is performed until the track is quickly faded out, the lights turn dark red and the BTWB studio version of LoveGame begins to play.


Gaga is handed her disco stick, which in this show is similar to the BTWB one, except it is clear plastic "shards" with neon accents around the edges, making the whole thing light up red. She starts singing the song alone on stage until the chorus. Her dancers then get on stage and do the original choreography. Gaga joins in during each chorus. During the bridge, Gaga does her Joanne World Tour vocal runs and replaces "huh" with "f**k" as per usual. After the last chorus, the Chew Fu Ghettohouse Fix of LoveGame starts playing (the one from Monster Ball). Gaga and her dancers strut their way to the end of the catwalk that extends from the main stage. The audio is slightly muted while Gaga beings to speak about all the drinking and gambling there is in Vegas. Her voice gets progressively louder as the song gets closer to the drop. She tells the crowd to go crazy and drink and smoke as much as they want tonight. Right before the drop, she says "Sometimes, we don't even know what's going on. It's quite mysterious. Welcome to Enigma... now jump you motherf**kers!". The beat drops and Gaga and her dancers jump all around the stage. At 1:00 into the track, the dancers leave the stage, leaving Gaga alone. After dancing a little while longer, she runs to the back of the stage and sticks her heel into an electric guitar and then plays it with her teeth. When she is done, she heads off stage, leaving the lights dark.

Interlude 3



The third interlude is the entirety of this song.


As the audio starts, we see Gaga and her friends all in white bodysuits (Gaga had chrome armor on over top so she would stand out) standing in a horizontal line with paintball guns in their hands. As the beat quickly drops, we see real-time and slow-motion shots of Gaga and her friends battling it out in a match of paintball. As the interlude comes to an end, we see them all in the same horizontal line, however this time they are covered with the paint from the game.



Songs Performed:

Government Hooker / Sexxx Dreams / Heavy Metal Lover / John Wayne




Gaga has a black gas mask on as well. BTW: YASSS VIOLET!


The lights turn yellow as Gaga starts to sing the opera part of the song. She is not on stage yet. As she starts to sing "government hookareh!" and the beat kicks in, she struts onto the stage from the left side as 5 dancers enter from the right side. There is a stainless steel counter top on wheels in the middle of the stage. As Gaga starts singing the first verse, the inside of her mask lights up yellow, allowing you to see her eyes through the glass. She lays down on her back, on top of the counter top. Her dancers wheel her around stage and at various moments they stop and act like they are performing oral s*x on her. Also, at certain points, Gaga rolls over onto her stomach and either China or Montana grind on Gaga as she sings. As the second chorus comes to an end, Gaga takes off the gas mask and recites the bridge. "Put your hands on me.... John F. Kennedy..... I'll make you squeal baby.....as long as you pay me." The music then stops, the lights turn white, and a bright spotlight is put on center stage where Gaga and the 5 dancers are. Gaga goes around to each dancer and asks them about their most recent s*x dream. Sexxx Dreams starts to play.


As she begins to sing the song, all the lights turn pink and blue and Gaga sits on the counter top while moving her legs back and forth, almost as if she was pondering or debating something. At certain points, her dancers individually come up to her and caress her neck or thigh or grind on her. As the chorus begins, Gaga and 10 of her dancers get into a horizontal formation and do the Coachella choreography of the song. She sings the second verse and chorus. The song abruptly ends and the lights turn green.


The intro to HML starts to play. Gaga is slowly walking around the stage posing at certain points. Before she starts to sing, Asiel brings her a red leather chair, which she sits in. She begins to sing the first verse and chorus. At the pre-chorus, her dancers circle her as if they were preying on her. During the chorus, they "attack" aka they grind on her and she pushes them away. She sings the second verse and chorus. She recites the bridge as green lasers flash everywhere. Just before the last chorus starts, she screams "OWWW!" and then the music stops. The lights go out and a spotlight is put on Gaga. She walks to the end of the catwalk to give a small speech. At some point near the end of the speech, she finds a way to tie in the next song (usually by saying something about bad boys).


Gaga rips out certain parts of her latex outfit, revealing cut outs similar to the ones found on her outfit in the John Wayne music video. John Wayne starts to play and 8 dancer join Gaga on stage. The back of the stage lights up with bursts of fire and the lights turn orange. Gaga starts to sing the song and do the original "girls side" choreography of the song. The entirety to John Wayne is performed. The act ends with Gaga's electric guitarist playing solo. Gaga struts back to him and is given a guitar to play with alongside him. They play for about 1:30 until the finale of the song. Then the lights go dark and Gaga leaves the stage.

Interlude 4



The fourth interlude is the entirety of this song.


From 0:00 to 0:13, a snake is seen slithering around a town. From 0:14 to 0:28, we see the snake preying on a few people walking around town. At this point it is also shown that the snake has a glow-in-the-dark tongue. From 0:29 to 1:33, we can see the snake going around town, biting people and infecting them with it's venom. From 1:34 to 2:50, we see the aftermath of what the snake did, and we also see the people who were bit grow fangs and become glow in the dark, just like the snake. At 2:51 to the end to the interlude, we see the infected people infecting other people. By the end of the video, the entire town is infected and the entire town is glow in the dark. It it a very scary yet aesthetically pleasing interlude.



Songs Performed:

The Cure / Alejandro / Paparazzi / You and I / Hair Body Face




What Katya is wearing... quite obviously.


Unfortunately, The Cure gets another basic performance in this show. However the choreography is all-new and less cringey than at JWT. The lights are purple to match Gaga's outfit during this performance.


The violin starts to play as Gaga recites the opening of the song. As the beat kicks in, Gaga does a risque dance on the stage and begins to sing the song. This song is performed in it's entirety and Gaga is alone on stage as this performance is focusing on vocals. The lights are white during this performance.


A white crystal encrusted grand piano rises up from the end of the catwalk as Gaga walks towards it. She sits down and sings a beautiful rendition of the song while playing it on the piano.


Another song Gaga performs on the piano. The lights are teal for this performance, and after the first chorus, the band joins in on the instrumentals. Later in the song, dancers come out to perform the original choreography. Gaga stays on the piano for the entire song. The lights go our so the piano can go back under the stage and so that Gaga can get into position.


The lights turn purple and blue as Gaga sings the entirety of the song. Her dancers perform original choreography that has only been showcased at the Enigma shows. Gaga joins in the choreo for the choruses. During the second post-chorus, a dance break happens where blue and white lasers and lights scatter throughout the theater, and Gaga and her dancers dance their butts off. At the end of the song, the lights go dark and Gaga repeats "Triple threat" one more time.

Interlude 5



The fifth interlude is the entirety of this song.


This interlude contains shots of Gaga's face with the Enigma promo shoot outfits on. Her face slowly becomes distorted and less distorted over time and here are several hues and colors applied to her face. The background is black with lots of small white flashing lights. This interlude is very calming and pleasing to hear and look at.



Songs Performed:

Do What U Want / Telephone / Bad Romance / Dancin' In Circles / Judas




Everything except the feathers.


The intro to the songs is played while we see gaga halfway suspended in the air on the lift from the first act. She is sitting down on a purple velvet chair. She sings the first verse and chorus of the song. At the end of the first chorus, the song quickly fades into the harp in Telephone.


Gaga stands up from her chair, still suspended on the lift. She begins to sing the first verse of the song. As the beat kicks in, Gaga rips off her skirt, revealing a black latex bikini bottom (still with the gold belt). Sparks fly from either side of the lift as Gaga is then lowered to the floor. She meets ground level right as the chorus begins. One of her dancers picks her up as she seemingly struggles to free herself. She sings the remainder of the chorus in his arms. Next, Gaga and her dancers perform the choreography of the post-chorus "eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh" part of the song. She then gets off the ground and leads the dancers in sliding across the stage to get to her. The dialogue from the music video begins and slowly fades out as the instrumentals of Bad Romance start to play.


The iconic intro of the song is sung by Gaga, while her dancers prepare to perform the original choreography. As the beat kicks in, Gaga and her dancers do the choreo. Gaga begins to sing the song in its entirety, joining the dancers in choreo during the choruses and bridge. The soft-spoken vocals of the beginning of DIC starts playing as Bad Romance comes to and end.


Gaga and her dancers split up into two groups of 6 to do the original choreography as Gaga sings the song. As the song wraps up, the red lights slowly begin to dim.


Gaga gives a short speech and then screams "JUDAAASS!". "JUDAS" is seen projected on the floor of the stage in white lights. A cross with a heart through the center is seen projected in red lights on the catwalk. The heavy synths of Judas start to play. While all this is happening, Gaga's dancers are embellishing her outfit with a sheer black cape and lots of gold jewelry. Gaga continues to rile up the crowd while "Judas, Juda-as" is heard, telling them to put their hands up and "go f**king crazy". Electric guitars help emphasis the heavy synths of the intro. Gaga starts to sing the song in its entirety while dancing among her dancers the whole time. The original choreography from the music video is used in this performance. During the last chorus, Gaga does not dance. She stands among her dancers while singing into the mic to focus on vocals.

Interlude 6



The 6th and final interlude is the entirety of this song.


Throughout the video, we see Gaga floating through space. Passing planets and galaxies, stars and asteroids. One of the planets said G.O.A.T. on the side. As the interlude comes to an end, we see her heading toward Earth.



Songs performed:

Born This Way / Marry The Night / Gypsy





As the last interlude starts to end, the instrumentals of BTW begin. The lights and lasers along the front of the stage begin to turn the colors of the pride flag. Gaga slowly walks out onto the stage reciting the opening lyrics of the song. Later, she is joined by her dancers to perform the rest of the song. Gaga dances during the choruses, except for the last chorus, where she stops dancing to show off her vocal talent. For the high-energy performance, there are many lights and lasers of all different colors scattering around the theater.


 As the song begins, we can hear the bell synths playing and Gaga singing the first verse. As the beat kicks in, and the heavy synths start, strobe lights flash and then blue lights scatter throughout the theater. Gaga sings the chorus with her dancers performing the original choreo behind her. When the bridge and breakdown occur, Gaga and her dancers do the "shimmy" and dance break from the music video. When the song ends, Gaga makes a speech about how she wants to be travelling, performing her music for us, however due to her health she is unable. And that's why she's in Vegas. She explains that she wants to be a gypsy but cannot.


Once her speech is over, the piano is heard playing the notes of the beginning of the song. Gaga stands at the end of the catwalk and sings a beautiful rendition of the song. She skips and runs around the stage looking at audience members, enticing them to sing with her. It is a high-energy performance with many teal lights flooding the room. 



Songs Performed:

Million Reasons / Always Remember Us This Way






Gaga sings a beautiful rendition of both songs on the piano with simple lighting and amazing vocals. Gaga says thank you and goodbye to the audience as she walks away from the piano, back onto the lift, and ascends into the rafters with sparkly lights behind her.

I hope you guys thoroughly enjoyed my vision for Enigma. I wanna hear what you think of it so tell me what you like/don't like about it. Be nice please! :giggle: And remember, this is just my vision for the show. I'm not saying this is what it's going to be so don't get mad at me when it doesn't turn out like this. 

Be My Baby background vocals from 2:54-3:00
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so f*ck The Edge of Glory i guess right

edit: outfits and concepts all look amazing tho :flutter: 

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i cheated on PartySick so now i'm dead
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Possibly Maybe

Amazing concept, I love how much detail went into this. It may not be the show we get but it’s the show we deserve :giveup:

‚ÄúI prefer her to any other‚ÄĚ
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Bloody hooker

The interludes left me shook! I can only hope that Enigma is this good or better. :giveup:

This b!tch being weird again, I just know I’m about to get my rah rah on.


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Sneaky Oliver

I’m not a big fan of the oufits but I love your concepts!!! The interludes are amazing:golfclap: I hope we get these JWT-level of interlude videos again  


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