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my small cover of Is that alright?

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i know i need alot of work but i just did this in my free time and i kind of like it

what do yall think? and what should i fix?


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i think this is a bit too low for you

i know gaga does this but it wont help and it's not really beautiful


I want you...  mantain the sound dont  youuuua and let the note fall

this will improve your overall pitch. concentrate on that. When you attack think that it comes bellow the chest or on your pelvic and when it ends it ends there. Try singing thinking as your voice comes and stops there


also english has to have "t", and you dont need to open and close mouth for doing the consonants. Seems impossible, but the tongue does a lot:vegas: not just for other acitivities:huntyga:


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Sanne Godijn

Why does it sound like you are singing in your bathroom

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The entire thing is off key, you’re not even singing notes. Sorry.


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