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DJ White Shadow
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RQ: diamond jewelry - bad romance video

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First of all: 

what do you call this piece of jewelry that gagas wearing in of the dance scenes in br video?



secondly: does anyone know where i can buy a cheap version of it? drag queens have all kinds of jewelry - im sure there's a website to buy cheap replicas


thank you all <3 



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Idk, but it's a sexy piece of jewelry

Gaga looks like a hot diamond goddess

It's time to let the old ways die.


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mister max

Next Gaga dancers for the Russian mobster squad in a bespoke Franc Fernandez outfit. She’s wearing a crystal mesh top with crystal rose shoulder piece, embellished lace panties and a crown. Her vintage Burberry trench coat was customized by Vava Dudu. (via LMG)



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