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Stefani Tee
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Fanbase Database - Please read before making a thread

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mister max


Since the previous thread was dated, here is the new thread!

Welcome welcome! This whole section is dedicated to discussing your favourite musicians, bands, actors, Youtubers, and other celebrities, through their designated fan base threads. Within these threads, you will find all general discussion about their work, including reviews, rumors, and thoughts. It is the perfect place to get to know your fellow stans too! Please remember that only one fan base thread is needed for one musician/band/actor/youtuber/etc. Multiple threads about the same artist will be merged togheter.

An official fan base thread is a "safe haven" for fans; therefore, flamebait will be warned more severely in this section. You have the right to express your dislike about a certain artist, but please do it in a respectful and constructive manner.


Rules for posting a new Fan Base thread:

1. Check to see if another thread already exists for the artist in question (search down the alphabetized list below) .

2. If no thread exists, you may create one. (Note that Youtubers with less than one million subscribers should be discussed in the General Youtuber thread). In the interest of keeping this section organized, please title your thread with the name of the artist (e.g. 'Taylor Swift' rather then 'Taylor Swift - Buy rePUTAtion on ITunes!') OR with the name of the fanbase (e.g. arianators).

3. Post your thread here and I will add it to the alphabetized list.

4. Your thread will now be the official discussion thread for the artist/celebrity in question. The content of your OP should reflect that the thread will be a place for general discussion about them. 

Alphabetized list of Stan Base threads

Do you already have a Stan Base thread and want it added to the list so more fellow fans can find your thread? Please post your thread below and I'll add it right away!

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37 minutes ago, mister max said:

Sprays clear? What does that mean :air:

Think of it as the flying version of FAME, black liquid but sprays clear :derpga:

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