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Gaga Video Conspiracy

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In my MANY years as a Lady Gaga fan I have ALWAYS thought that the music videos from The Fame and Fame Monster were ALWAYS connected.

Obviously we know telephone and Paparazzi are connected BUT what if There is more??? 

For my theory we ignore what order they were released in but think of each like chapters in a book but the book was shuffled by the author to become some kinda bizzare R.L Stein Goosebumps create your own ending kinda thing

For your consideration please excuse any typing errors i'm blind.

The character of Lady Gaga is very clearly present through the entire span of all of these videos. Bisexual seductress prostitute and murderous mistress of the masses. So lets break it down to order of videos first then i'll give a sumarry

Beautiful Dirty Rich

The Fame: Part One

Just Dance


Eh Eh

Poker Face

Bad Romance


Video Phone




With Beautiful Dirty Rich we're introduced to this bizarre High fashion party gangster with shoulder pads. A flash forward to what will become her status as a leader who has crazy wild houseparties.

The Fame Part One is almost like a montage to how she gets to become this leader. If I were to actually edit this together this The Fame Part One would be sprinkled between and the songs would flow between each song as necessary

Just Dance. The first Haus Party. This is an introduction to "Why she does it" even though we don't really know what "it" is. It's kind of comedic and very lighthearted an introduction to duality when juxtaposed with the almost cultlike imagery that is in BDR and TFP1. Shes painted in a very loved and playful way.

LoveGame. She's a product of the Underground The first time we see her create a legion. ESPECIALLY at the end with the fists in the air together. But the whole video she is being fawned over and is in the front being followed. She has people around her for her. Not We're Just Dancing in the same room together. Also an introduction to her Bisexuality.

Eh Eh. When Juxtaposed between LoveGame and Poker Face this is our introduction to Duality. There is more to Gaga then the Paper Gangsta she is becoming. She had a lover and is choosing her life on the run, where she makes her own rules over him. Also alludes to bisexuality throughout by not gendering her other lover in a couple lyrics.

Poker Face. Her knew home. She moved out of little italy in new york to a cute little mansion. We see her here with even more people around her. her army is growing. She's rich mawma.

Bad Romance She's elevated her antics for these parties to a new high introducing the element of human traficking even she's for sale. But. She has a plan. A murderous plan. She's selling herself so once the check has cleared all bets are off. She'll do anything she can for the money. Her first taste of blood and so she flees the country.

Paparazzi. So with this money she won through the sale of herself and these other girls she's starting to gain traction and people want to hear about her. Think al capone meets marilyn monroe. She's met a man and they live together in Sweden. She is injured and recovering. The bitch is back. And someone has been killing her girls. One by one. Little by little Gaga has lost all shes worked so hard for. She knows it was him. He hated her. He hated her sucess. So she did it. She killed him. The last image you see is her getting hauled off to prison. Now she reflects for a moment on her life and everyone who was important to her,

Video Phone. We see a side outside of the Gaga arc. Honey B she's here and she's bad. She's got her own army. And she has had Gaga in her ranks before so this is a slight backstory. Gaga's Young in this video (in my interpretation if this were a story I'd place this before LoveGame because this is a flashback).

Telephone. Flash to our heinous heroine. She's being taken in to the prison for bitches. Is she captured or is this the first step of hers into wealth and queen like status? Once you hit rock bottom and are helped by Honey B you only go up. And you STAY up.

Alejandro. Alludes to Loss. Something happened to B she's either left or she's dead and Gaga is HURT but she's out and now she's creating her new legion. Militant. Strong men and women. She vows to keep herself clean and pure in the name of power but she gives in and we see her start to come into her own and comfortable.

With power we don't see happiness. she had many chances to pursue that but... she wants the world


I know this is a reach but I see some kind of arc here that is nearly undeniable theres some kind of dialouge throughout.

Love and ARTPOP,



Poor is the man who's pleasure, depends on the permission of another... Probably banned for foul language.
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If you need me, you know where to find me: seeking validation and self-love in my dumpster
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THANK GOD! I’ve always thought Alejandro was the end and she was carrying the heart of her boyfriend she killed in Paparazzi.

‘If religion be the cause of disunity, then irreligion is surely to be preferred.’ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá


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Cute analysis of The Fame/ Fame Monster Gaga 

Sadly this Gaga can't come to the phone right now 

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1 minute ago, KleinGa said:

Cute analysis of The Fame/ Fame Monster Gaga 

Sadly this Gaga can't come to the phone right now 

Why? Cuz she's dead!

Joanne lives in the body of Stefani like a demon which has to be removed!


DarkGa needs to return!


We need DarkGa with Bops so we can rule the industry again and learn the other popgirls how to snatch 'em wigs to ultimate baldness!!
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This is actually a pretty interesting and creative interpretation. Although, I would count out Video Phone.

3 points in and ready for more


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9 hours ago, KleinGa said:

Cute analysis of The Fame/ Fame Monster Gaga 

Sadly this Gaga can't come to the phone right now 

I need murderous dangerous sueductress hooker Gaga back :giveup: Red finger nails, red lipstick, messy hair and one badass powerful woman :giveup:



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