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Gaga’s underdiscussed impact on the world

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Gaga's impact on the world

- Music videos: music videos were becoming basic and even more basic until gaga stepped in and turned music videos back into an EVENT. Now every fan gets excited when an artist releases a music video.

- Her influence on other celebrities - Would nicki minaj have shown up to the 2012 grammys with the 'pope' if gaga didn't exist? I highly doubt it. Gaga is a fashion icon. What we all thought was crazy back then, is meh now because she allowed us to become more open minded. She made the celebrity red carpet/music video fashion more interesting.

- Her songs: Just dance, poker face etc bought dance music to the mainstream. Her and the black eyed peas are responsible fot the mainstream sound from 2009-2016 (it's become way more rap/hip hop now)

- Her activism - don't ask don't tell, born this way etc. She's saved many lives and improved the lives of many

- Her fans, Us little monsters, are responsible for YAAAAASSSS being a thing :ladyhaha: yasss isn't just a temporary meme, it's never gonna go away :poot:



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