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Gaga’s Impact Continues (Poker Face)!...

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1 hour ago, GypsyHeartGaga said:

Let us not forget this iconic bop!


Ready for their feature on LG6:lolga:


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2 hours ago, moonsago said:

Honestly I am shook by their vocal talent, songwriting and ability to come up and explore such relevent subjects in today’s society. Is this the bop we’ve all been waiting for? Is this the next superstar ( group ) to bring pop back onto the scene? I can’t even process this, I feel like a music revelation is uppon us and we need to start stanning so we can say later on their 10 year anniversary that we’ve been a stan since they were underground artists. Much wow...


btw I’m the girl they keep zooming in covering her face in disbelief but still filming the whole thing. 

Wow, you got to see them live in THE FRONT ROW!!

Those tickets must have cost a fortune

  • LMAO 1


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