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Howard Stern rants about Lorde, calls her "shithead"

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She bowed to political pressure. Nothing more. If you're giving her credit for making some kind of wise tactical decision, you're giving her too much credit. Everyone was yelling at her, so she took the easy way out by siding with the vocal minority of people who for some reason think giving a concert in a country is endorsing the decisions of that country's government.

Depriving Israeli fans because of their government would be like if Gaga boycotted performing in Russia because of that country's mistreatment of gay people. You're not hurting the right people in that boycott. 

And as others have pointed out, it's not like the US government has a great record on human rights abroad, either. But performers gotta get that coin. This was just an easy win for anti-Israel elements, there is NO consistency behind it.

I have to be less of a Ruby and more of a Marie
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2 hours ago, StrawberryBlond said:

While he didn't need to call her names, he has a point. If you declare that you don't want to perform in countries that have reputations for human rights violations, then you've got to be consistent.



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