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Marina & The Diamonds Posts Her Cat With Lana Del Rey

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Yes To Heaven

Long time best friends, Lana Del Rey and Marina & The Diamonds, spent a very fun summer together! Yesterday, Marina reminisces the moments with throwback photos, one of her cat, Mavie, with Lana. So cute!

She also posted a cute selfie of them together!

Also, it being the holidays gives us opportunity to remember a significant moment in history.


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pink sushi

I'm still so SHOOK that their friendship is REAL. :omg:  They have such an overlapping fanbase and I always thought that their friendship was exaggerated by fans and really just wishful thinking from fans wanting their two faves to be BFFs, when in reality they have only met like once and barely know each other. 

But NO :udidnt: They really are BFFs. :udidnt:

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