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Ju Le

Hello monsters!

Show me your outfits!

I'm still looking for ideas for my own outfit, because at the moment I'm still in between

Lady Gaga Origami White


Lady gaga Born This way joanne tour outfit.

Or should I maybe do something completely different?





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I wanted to make her football outfit with the white shoulder pads, but ran out of time :( 

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Still working on mine. I currently have a pair of flared jeans and pink choker with GAGA on it. Plan to make a shirt to go with it. 

"You are a ****ing rad bitch!" - Lady Gaga 18/9/2012 Amsterdam
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im still working on mine too, but this is what I’m working with. I’m having my shirt embroidered to say Lady Gaga in script in the top corner and I have other shorts options. I’ve never dressed like this before so I’m super self conscious in it. Lol Perfect Illusion is my main inspiration for this, obviously. Good luck finding something that you like!

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