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What Song Are You Listening To? 4.0



Misery when "all I wanted was love."


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Luxe Ford

Grace Jones - Slave to the Rhythm

I'll comment this song later, because the universe ☆STOLE○@^* my debet card (I'm a cheap bitch, but I'm fully fed and a man of leisure. Would you complain?) so I can not compose linguistic clever...?...stuff in here whilst (ooahh, he be pretentious!) simultaneously undulating (I gave up sashaying aeons ago!) to the beat of the music.


But my main mission to humanity is done: this is one of the most elaborately and expensively produced pop songs ever recorded.



Edit: I sound dumber than I actually am (IQ 123. YOY tell ME what that's good for! Only the people who read my medical journals fawn over that!).

It's a great, great song and I blame the Pernod+licorice powder+ammonium chloride+glucose slush I'm...dtinking? 

[theLASTedit🐷!!!]:as i'm laying here breathing my last breath i want you to know that the song i just posted the link to - the one right there ↖️ - was recorded and released in 1985 [meditate on that for a bit]


When, at the end of one of the first MVs art directed by a fashion photographer, Jean-Paul Goude, Ms Grace raises a gun to her temple, prudently holding a handkerchief to the opposite side of her head - to catch the splutter, you kmow.

Isn't that almost on the level of 2009 MVA Paparazzi?

Take into account: 1985.

Edited by Luxe Ford
I am the object of your suave entrapment.


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