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Camila Cabello - Crying in the Club

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16 minutes ago, yASSsss said:

its called- 'I have questions'

it does sample Genie in a bottle :sweat: 

I hope it's credited as a sample, otherwise Legendtina better sue


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I was really pleasantly surprised by this. The length of this song is very refreshing, especially as short songs work better on radio. I like the emotion of it all and how many lyrics there are in it. Her voice is a bit slurred in the second part of the song but I'll get used to it. The Genie in a Bottle sample works really well and I'm impressed that the song takes until 2:38 to hit the chorus, meaning the build-up is insanely good. And in line with what she said recently about how she felt over-sexualised in 5H, I'm pleased to see that she didn't take a really lewd route with this song and video. Any sexuality is more sensual than sexual and it's classy.

I really wasn't expecting her to be this good. Now, will enough people accept her, however? She's hardly been likeable since the 5H fall-out. Will she have a big enough fanbase for this to work? All I know is, I'm suprised more of GGD doesn't like this. How typical it is for me to like the one thing everyone's being meh towards!


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