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Nutella could cause cancer! (To be banned)

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3 hours ago, Maleficent said:

Because the tobacco industry has more control over economy and government than the Nutella industry... Unjust and unfair. I'm glad people are taking a stand, but I wish for a future where nothing on our shelves is processed and "may" contain carcinogens.

It will contain carcinogens whether it's processed or not. Better avoid that barbecue!


"I am the world's greatest person that does not want to let people into the country."—US President Donald J. Trump


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The Fame Joanne
3 hours ago, Prince Bananas said:

I just ****ing ate Nutella :air:

Omg I hope you're ok :ohno: 


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Ferrer Zorola
1 hour ago, Deki said:

Looool wtf i just googled eurocreme - wtf i didnt ment that

i meant this 


Holy fck what 1 letter can do

Try euro crem

Eurocreme is some gay **** **** :ladyhaha:

Holy sh_t I'm in tears 😂😂

eurocreme tho 🤤🤤:hor:

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