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All Unreleased Lady Gaga Songs To Date


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This has been a thread a long time coming. We've needed something like this for a while, too!

Here are 133 of Gaga's songs that have either been released independently from an album, have leaked online, or have been hard to find bonus tracks or features.

This list is approximately 99% percent accurate as of 12-21-2015, if anyone sees any holes in this list or wants to offer suggestions or further potential pigeon holes we should include, please do so! This was in the main 24 Days of Christmas thread, but I've transferred it here so everyone can have it permanently in Media for a source for things.


Edit 12-22: We are missing two songs, that will be added ASAP, 

1. Freezer Burn (Gaga on backing vocals)

2. Panama (Live cover with The Dirty Pearls, 2015)

3. Just Dance (Akon Version)









Again Again


Another One Bites The Dust 

Baby It's Cold Outside 

Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

Be Our Guest

Bell Bottom Blues

Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered

Big Girl Now

Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe

Blueberry Kisses

Brooklyn Nights

Cake Like Lady Gaga (Trap)


Changing Skies


Christmas Tree

Dirty Ice Cream

Disco Heaven

Do Me Right 

Do What You Want (Solo, + Duet)

Don't Give Up

Don't Stop Believing

D'yer Maker

Earthquake (Then You'd Love Me)

Electric Kiss

Every Breath You Take

Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye

Fancy Pants



Filthy Pop

Fooled Me Again

Fountain Of Truth

Future Love

Gimme Shelter

Give Peace A Chance

Glitter And Grease

Goody, Goody



Hello, Hello


I Wanna Be With You

I Want Your Love

I Wish 

If I Ever Lose My Faith In You

I'm Beginning To See The Light


Is You, Or Is You Ain't, My Baby

It's Been Very Hard

I've Got A Crush On You


Kandy Life

King Of Pain

La Vie En Rose

Let Love Down

Let Them Hoes Fight


Little Monsters

Living On The Radio

Make Her Say

Manifesto Of Little Monsters

Master Heartbreaker

Monster (Concept)

Murder My Heart


My Romance

New York, New York

No Floods

No Way

Nothing On But The Radio

Oh Well

Orange Colored Sky

Ordinary Love

Out Of Control

Out On The Weekend


Poker Face (Red Version)

Posh Life

Princess Die




Real Cool

Red And Blue


Retro Dance Freak

Retro Physical


Rock Show

Second Time Around

Sexy Ugly

Shake Your Kitty


Situation Can't Go Right

Someone To Watch Over Me

Something Crazy


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Speechless (Concept Demo)

Spin You Around


Stand By Me

Star Spangled Banner

Stuck On F*cking You


Superstar (Lisa Simpson)

Take You Out 

Taped It In The Dark aka Text You Pictures

The Applause

The Lady Is A Tramp

The Sound Of Music

The Sun Is Down

They All Laughed

Three Way (The Golden Rule)

Till It Happens To You


Video Phone

Viva La Vida

What Have I Done / West End Girls

What's Up (What's Going On)

White Christmas

Whole Lotta Love


Winter Wonderland

Wish You Were Here



World Family Tree


Your Song

You've Got A Friend







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Check it out!

Experience for the first time ever in one place, a current and up to date, 99% complete set of every Gaga track that was every unofficially, partially, or totally unreleased. I say 99% because I'm sure even after the hours I spent tracking down each one I could think of, there might always be that ONE song or performance or Artrave specialty that I forgot. 

This compilation includes hard to find "stragglers" and one offs like Posh Life, Bell Bottom Blues, and My Romance. I've also included the demo versions of songs we had, but never had their corresponding concept tape or recording. This covers songs like "Monster", "The Applause", and "Speechless". 

Since I get asked for unreleased Gaga tunes in their highest quality a lot, once and for all I turned my personal collection inside out to find nothing but the highest legitimate bit rate of these tracks (that I own personally.) (You may find you own something with a higher quality than mine, if you happen to find that, it would be great if you could let me know.) When I say legitimate bit rate, I'm not talking about some fake whipped together 2100+ kbps upconverted .wav file -- I'm talking about the original rawest purest sound source we as a fanbase ever got -- be it 128 kbps,  160, 192, 256, 320, ect. 

Every once in a while we would have a release that never got the proper Itunes treatment it may have deserved, for example, "Stache" (the finished product by @Haus -- yes, one of our own members won the Sound Contest the Haus put on) or another example, " I Want Your Love" the new cover, wasn't put on Itunes for us to download that addicting dance beat, so in those situations, I've included the highest quality video sound rips or original downloads before the Soundcloud 100 limit kicked in. 

I hope you find a Gaga song in here you have never heard before, and that this collection kickstarts and supplements your Gaga library. I think I can say with certainty no one has ever put a list this complete all in one .zip file for the fanbase, if they have, I want to shake their hand!

You will find inside 133 folders, each of which contains at least one version of the song in question.

Many songs have more than one version, or a live and a studio, such as "Fever", "Wonderful", "Goody, Goody", and "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered", and many more.

Since there were so many separate releases of Cheek To Cheek, there is almost another entire album to made with the bonus tracks alone, that didn't make it onto the standard edition. For example, the hard to find European releases, the HSN release, the Starbucks release, and the Target release of Cheek To Cheek ALL HAD different songs. So to save the insanity, I've included studio versions of Cheek To Cheek tunes that would have been hard for the average fan to get -- especially if you live in another country and can't swing by Starbucks or order on phone through HSN.

Some songs, we are very lucky to merely have the audio that we have of them, even if that quality is muffled, distorted, or flat out bad. 

Included in this collection are live versions of "Again, Again", "Whole Lotta Love", and "Ratchet" sung live -- but the audio is incomplete or distorted in places. This is because there was only one person in that crowd who was motivated enough to whip out their cell phone or their audio note recorder and record -- and they usually did so too late, after songs had already begun, and in a sloppy manner , or incomplete. These people had the right idea: preserve the history of the moment , this hasn't been recorded before -- but they came at it halfheartedly.

I hope that their mistakes in capturing the moment can spur everyone here to be a little more aware, next time they are at a live Gaga show, how the unpredictability of Gaga's musical choices should be documented for the thousands upon thousands of fans who couldn't be there where you are. You kind of have a rare chance to be the historian, to be the preserver, for all of the fanbase at that moment. So take that handheld recorder, take that mic on your cell phone, and start it before she sings. You will be loved and go down in history for your foresight.

Everyone wishes someone had done that on the songs we've never heard before, like all the Bob Leone demos, and the Red and Blue versions sung live, and everything recorded with Mr. Kafafian and the SG Band. So record! Preserve history next time you are out at a gig, whatever that gig is. Be that hero to the fanbase. You will be truly giving back to everyone.

Even if the sound quality is incomplete or bad, I am still very grateful to those people for having the presence of mind to record the live Gaga show to begin with. Those flashes of "This is cool, I want to relive this again" should always be encouraged. We can't count on the venues or merch units to ever think ahead and record shows for us, like in the 80s...so we should try wherever reasonable to do it ourselves.

Wow, excuse me, I've blathered on wayyyyy too much here! On topic:

Sit back, click the download button, and prepare your zip extractor, because you are about to enjoy the single most complete set of non commercially / partially released Gaga out there. 

If you see something I missed, or have questions, please ask away! 

Enjoy this, I sure did as i was putting it together. Gaga's orphan material is staggering, and we are all very lucky to have it.

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Seriously Chica thank you so much for compiling all of this and making it available and accessible to us, we really appreciate all that you do.

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This is so refreshingly put together! Thank you as always for your dedication, time and attention to detail :hug:

#BlackLivesMatter #TransLivesMatter - You let down members of the community and forced us out.
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GloZell Green

:rip: @ my iTunes library. Thank you so much! Ugh I've been searching for a complete download for so long, we appreciate your efforts so much!

Lady Gaga | Shakira
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Thomas P

My god I want to kiss you!

I’m a simple guy to please, if you like Melodrama, we chill.
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10 minutes ago, Vidar said:

You forgot Freezer Burn! Gaga does backings on it and she wrote it. It wasn't released.

I did indeed. Adding it. 

LOL i knew one would fall off the plate.

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Oh my God Chica we are beyond lucky to have you apart of our fanbase, ILYSFM for this oh my god :giveup:

“For me, insanity is super sanity. The normal is psychotic. Normal means lack of imagination, lack of creativity.” ― Jean Dubuffet
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Thank you so much!

I've been meaning to dl all of Gaga's unreleased for years but never wanted to go through all the effort of finding it all. The fact that it's all right here is amazing. I really appreciate your work so much!

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Awww Chica thank you so much, it's been years since I stopped listening to unreleased material, time to dive deep into it again! VERY APPRECIATED! <3

playground love - josef salvat
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